• Participant 2013: Duran Lantink
10-07-2013Nominated by Rietveld Academy with his collection Ascensu et Descensu

Why did you decide to study fashion design?

It seemed natural.
Fashion is something I’m interested in as long as I can remember. Therefore it seemed natural for me to develop this so I could make a living out of it in the future. First I tried to learn working in the industry but after one year I decided to do a study based on fashion… therefore my first choice was the Rietveld Academy, but I did the first year at AMFI to know the basics a bit better before I went to the academy where they help you to develop a more autonomous way of art and fashion.


Name one of your inspirations

Big ego’s graving for more, more, more! And the lower classes supporting this ego while killing them with an overload of attention.


What will be your next step after Lichting?

The next step after the lichting I leave open for now. A mba would be cool! And moving abroad is a big dream which might happen soon.


About the collection

Ascensu et Descensu
My black collection is constructed using many techniques and fabrics symbolizing the different layers of society. One specific top grasps my sentiment that nothing comes for free in this world by saying “I’ll suck your dick!” and “Lick my clit” on its back. On my underwear collection I printed “Fist Fucking God’s Planet” referring to all our big egos going at each other’s throats in our ongoing craving for more, more and more. We’ re all laughing while fucking up this planet.

I created a 3D shoe that portrays this big ego world where people need other people to get higher and higher. As we all know, it’s lonely at the top and it’s difficult to remain stable at this height. The transparent shoe printed in acryl -the same material as fake nails- is a manic stacking of mad sculptures and religious artifacts. As these myths and gods were the pop stars of our history.