• Participant 2013: Katrien Baaij
12-07-2013Selected by Willem de Kooning with her collection 'Dinky Boys'

Photo: Koers von Cremer


Why did you decide to study fashion design?
After high-school there was simply nothing else that I wanted to do, apart from studying at the Art Academy. My main interests were designing for people and making concepts about people, fabrics, drawing and handwork. So after the first year, the decision for fashion came naturally.


Name one of your inspirations
Crying skinheads and other boys who do or maybe don’t belong to a subculture.


What will be your next step after Lichting?
Step away from the safety of the academy and get myself a job in the fashion industry. In that way I will gather lots of experience from the real world. Most of all I want to find out what kind of menswear designer I could be in the Netherlands.


About the collection

Dinky Boys
Current shifts in youth culture inspire a new take on fashion. Global problems cause a sense of impotence on youth that results in action or at least a shift in values or desires of this generation.

My ‘Dinky Boys’ collection is a representation of this new youth living in a meta-modernist time. It showcases a group of boys that found a new truth in a world where truth was lost. They turn to celebrating day-to-day happiness and their carefree childhood. Au contraire of other youth movements, they display their protest in subtle detail celebrating vulnerability as part of their male strength.

Oversized silhouettes in transparent materials represent this new boy-man.
The memories of dinosaurs and dad’s warm coat are translated in prints and soft colours. This positive nostalgia provides them grip for everyday life.