• Participant 2013: Jazz Kuipers
13-07-2013AMFI selected Jazz with the collection 'HAVOC'

Photography: Marc Haers
MUA: Darien Touma
Model: Peer Rietveld


Why did you decide to study fashion design?

At first I wanted to become a pilot in the army, I was all prepared for it. But at once fashion design popped into my head and
in about 8 months I was attending AMFI. I always was really passionate about my art classes, so it didn’t come completely
out of the blue I guess.


Name one of your inspirations
Ultimate manhood


What will be your next step after Lichting?
I would love to do a master menswear design in London. But before that I also see myself working and get some experience in the field. I guess that there is lot to explore for me outside of Amsterdam.
But for now I am working on a few ideas together with the other participant of AMFI, Anne van den Boogaard. We make a good team and we aim for bold statements. The needle is mightier than the sword!


About the collection

Stand up, impersonate the true leader.
For the man who wants to open the machine and rage against the gears.
Stand up, and radiate authority. Use the silent power of intelligence and the force of the super human body. Be sly like a fox, but strong like a bear. Show your uniform and build your unity.
Stand up, and show your two faces. One of brutal arrogance and the other of sincere commitment. Overpower the chaos and create new systems. Selfish standards to form new values.
Stand up, and cry havoc.
This collection is all about creating an improvised uniform, with shapes inspired by the super human body. The birth of hyper-masculinity by creating a new kind of creature.
Animals will merge with machines, and these ones will survive.