• Q&A David Laport (2012)
06-06-2013David Laport participated in Lichting 2012 after graduating at KABK The Hague

What are you doing at the moment?

After the lichting show at Amsterdam Fashion week I got a lot of positive response. It brought me a lot of publicity and new opportunities; also I got some freelance jobs out of it. At the moment I have to make a decision; I have a lot of fresh ideas to start a new collection but I would also love to further my learning and work for an interesting company. I hope an interesting opportunity comes along.


Did your perception change since your graduation about what you want to become in the fashion industry?

I had to process some “fashion disappointments” this year about the concept of being a designer, but I also realize that’s part of the industry. I knew this in advance and it did change my perception a bit. Nevertheless I would still love to pursue my dream of starting my own label one day.


What is your ambition for the years to come?

I hope to find an interesting job and gain heaps of new experiences because there is still so much out there to learn.