• Q&A Wim Ewals (HKU)
11-06-2013Wim Ewals is Principal lecturer BA Fashion Design

Work: Marleen Elenbaas


Our vision is determined by two aspects. The first is that we are positioned geographically but also in terms of content ‘in the middle’. So there is an alliance between experimentation and wearability, not one or the other. And second: we started up the final specialization Fashion Communication a number of years ago and that is beginning to bear fruit now. This specialization means that the Design route will also need to present itself more strongly. We are in the middle of that process at the moment.
In addition, we try to form students in such a way that they act ethically and come into their own right as a person and not just a fashion machine. No pushing and shoving their way to the top!


Do you think the fashion show as a medium will continue to thrive?
The fashion has proven itself to be a very persistent platform. The fashion shows in The Netherlands are pretty conventional though, and it will be exiting to see how new forms of presentation will develop. For example, our graduates from Fashion Communication might not make a conventional show and be able to perform at Lichting, but they will develop different ways to present themselves.


Showing the quality and diversity of the talent in fashion courses in the Netherlands. Promoting this talent internationally would also be an interesting perspective. That happens already to some extent, particularly in Europe. It is naturally an interesting region; there is no need for us to go to China right away.


Can you name one aspect a Lichting candidate should have?
For Lichting, we don’t necessarily select ‘the best of the best’; we are more interested in diversity in both the ‘look’ of the collection and the student’s way of working. The last thing we want to do is cultivate little imitators.


Piece of Advice for alumni
Seek out your own niche; continue to develop. Personally I find it important not to become distorted. I see too many fashion eunuchs around me: their profession makes them suitable only for the fashion harem, they seem to have no existence outside that. We build up a network with our alumni as well: in that way we can do something for each other. The advice continues on.


The HKU graduation show is on June 13. Get your tickets here.