• Nada van Dalen (2007)
12-06-2013Nada van Dalen graduated in 2007 at Willem de Kooning and now has her own label.

Photo: Isolde Woudstra


When and why did you decide to study fashion?

I think I was six years old. I come from an artist family. My father is a teacher at the Willem de Kooning Academy and an artist. My mom was always making her own clothes. I grew up with art around me, and I fell in love with the concept books in the fashion department. The concept books are still an important part of my work.


What are you doing at the moment?

I just finished my new collection, movie and installation You want me to be shiny, then I’ll be shiny, but not the shiny you think of.

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And now I’m doing the production of this collection.

I just did it right after the academy in 2007.
What’s been an important moment in your development so far?
I was nominated in 2010 for Hyères, and I was going to meet Malcolm McLaren – he was in the jury – but he died a month before I went there. And my new collection movie.


Were there certain skills or knowledge you felt you lacked after graduating? How have you tackled this?

I was sloppy and chaotic. The sloppy part I tackled by practice and working hard. Chaotic I am still! And I have a lack of selling skills, but I get a little help from my man.
Has your perception of what you want to become in the fashion industry changed since graduation?


What is your ambition for the years to come?

I want to make two collections a year and live from my work, and show in Paris. And I want to do a lot of exhibitions with my installations and movies. I’m planning to do a residency in the USA and drive around with my man in a big Chevy. And maybe make babies. I don’t know if it will come together, but LIFE IS…………….NADA.