• Ann Boogaerts (winner 2009)
14-06-2013Ann Boogaerts graduated in 2009 from ArtEZ and won Lichting.

Which moment was very important in your development so far?

The former director, Francine Pairon, of The Institut Fran├žais de La Mode where I’ve studied at after ArtEZ, opened my eyes. She was very strong and frank, and we had many discussions. It was only after a while that I started to realize how much she had changed my attitude towards so many things. You just need to fight and do what you stand for as a person. Only we can change the world.


Where there certain skills or knowledge you felt you lacked after graduating and how have you tackled this?

As a perfectionist, you need to learn how to let go sometimes. Of course, you must fight and work hard, but there are also other things in life besides fashion. Like food for example, or sports.


Did your perception change since your graduation about what you want to become in the fashion industry?

Yes absolutely. It is quite funny, because during your studies, no matter how many times your teachers tell you that there is more out there than the major fashion houses, the only thing you think about when graduating is working for a big brand. But what I do now, fits my personality better.


What is your ambition for the years to come?

I’d like to keep working with passionate people and I still have some projects I would like to realise in the next years…


Do you have a piece of advice for the new Lichting participants how they can prepare best for Lichting?

When I won in 2009 I didn’t have a website… And these days you really need to have one! And oh yes…get ready for the media.