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We chose two young designers that are outspoken. Clear in their vision, convincing in their handwriting; with a take it or leave it attitude. Not afraid to make a statement, to stand out. For them it is not the time to sit and wait for the world to get better.., For AMFI it is the right moment to choose for these distinct collections, for two powerful personalities that aim for nothing less than world domination:) Jazz Kuipers Jazz believes in men, real men. Jazz believes that these men will rescue us from the downfall. That only a revolution can create a new world order. Her men are larger than life. She created a collection for hyper creatures, with authority, with conviction. Anne van den Boogaard Anne goes for autonomous anarchy, but a cheerful anarchy, a colorful one! She rejects a conservative way of living and believes passionately in the adventures of life, of love, of happiness. Her collection mocks ultra American references and pushes the boundaries of aesthetics. Cheerleaders and brides, infinity and shit!


The AMFI was established in 1992: the result of a merger between Mr. Koetsier and Charles Montaigne, two fashion institutes that had existed since the early 1950s. The AMFI can therefore draw on more than half a century’s experience. The AMFI has gradually expanded its programme ever since, resulting in the current trio of graduation programmes which cover the entire fashion chain: Fashion & Design, Fashion & Management and Fashion & Branding. The AMFI also offers English-language versions of all its programmes—the AMFI International Courses.



The AMFI trains its students to be future leaders in the fashion world. In the course of a challenging and internationally oriented programme, we stimulate them to develop their personal talents and abilities to the point that they can make a clear and conscious choice about where they want to work in the fashion chain. The abilities, knowledge and skills that they acquire on the AMFI course enables them to bring energy, inspiration and innovation to their professional work.

We offer an education in design which prepares students for the fashion industry in all its facets. We bridge the gap between creation and industry, where our students receive an education which is underpinned by and directed towards the fashion industry. The learning follows three pathways in which students can develop as a designer for the industry, an independent designer or a fashion forecaster. The base is the same for all three: creativity technique and talent.








We differ from the other academies in the Netherlands in that AMFI is not an art academy. We are concerned only with fashion and our education aims at providing our students with an all-round knowledge of the fashion industry.


Piece of Advice

Keep your feet firmly planted on the groud and your head in the clouds. Dare to dream but be realistic.



Lighting serves as a platform for  Dutch graduates to present the quality of Dutch fashion education in all its nuances and this ought to be showcased not only in Amsterdam, but also internationally.


Leslie Holden

Head of Fashion and Peter Leferink, Principal Design Lecturer AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute


Hart 2007
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Schijnen 2007
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Biermasz 2008
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Smidt 2011
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About Lichting

“The Lichting platform shows that young Dutch fashion designers have international ambitions and capabilities. They’re able to create collections based on skills and emotions.”


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